Thursday, January 04, 2007

The Office of
Congressman Mac Collins
Former Member 1993-2004

January 4, 2007

(Jackson, GA) – Today the Democratic majority of the 110th Congress of the United States of America elected Nancy Pelosi as Speaker of the House. In the September 24, 2006 issue of The Telegraph, Rep. Jim Marshall had promised that he would vote for a Speaker who would be good for Georgia and good for the country. Today he broke that promise by voting for Mrs. Pelosi, an action that constitutes an endorsement of the principles she represents. During her tenure as Minority Leader of the House, Nancy Pelosi has supported provisions such as the legalization of partial birth abortion, the destruction of the American family through her opposition of the Protection of Marriage Amendment, higher taxation of working families, the establishment of a welfare state, and amnesty for illegal aliens.

During the 2006 congressional election in Georgia’s 8th District, Jim Marshall repeatedly tried to distance himself from his support for Mrs. Pelosi and refused to answer questions as to who he would support for Speaker of the 110th Congress. Today we learned the truth when Mr. Marshall cast his vote for Mrs. Pelosi.

Former Congressman Mac Collins, who challenged Rep. Marshall in 2006 for the seat in the Georgia’s 8th Congressional District, issued the following statement from his home in rural Butts County after learning of Mr. Marshall’s vote for Nancy Pelosi as Speaker of the House:

“A Member of Congress has the responsibility to vote on behalf of his constituents. This is a sacred trust between the member and the people who elected him to serve. During our race, Jim promised to vote for a Speaker who would be good for Georgia and good for our nation. Today he violated that trust when he voted for Nancy Pelosi. Mrs. Pelosi takes great pride in proclaiming that she is a liberal yet, this is the second time in post-election voting that Jim Marshall has stood behind Speaker Pelosi. The first was a voice vote in the Democrat Conference in Nov. 2006. I am deeply concerned that Jim thinks that he will change Mrs. Pelosi into a moderate, something he has implied since the election. Mrs. Pelosi has, on several occasions, claimed that she will bring civility and inclusion into the People’s Business, but within the last few days she has already shown that Republicans will not be involved in the first 100 hours of deliberations or allowed to amend any legislation The exclusion of the seven Republican Members of the US House of Representatives from Georgia and the possible same treatment of the two Republican Members of the US Senate from Georgia will not be good for Georgia and the nation. Jim, please keep your promises to those of us who are constituents of Georgia’s Eighth Congressional District.”

Authorized by Mac Collins

Monday, November 06, 2006

Today is the Day

Today, the people of Georgia have the opportunity to make a choice. They can choose to continue supporting the President, to bring the values of Middle Georgia to Washington, to stand for freedom and security. I urge those who stand for these values to make every effort to go to their local polling place and excercise their greatest American right and responsibility -- the vote.

Those in the 8th Congressional District of Georgia can call my campaign office to receive a ride to the polls. If you need a ride, call us at (478) 225-6285 and we will get you there.

We have run a great campaign. Volunteers have made thousands of phone calls, knocked on countless doors, and I have been honored to meet so many wonderful people. I look forward to election day and the days ahead. Thank you for all you have done to support our plan for a better Georgia and a better nation.


Mac Collins
Candidate for U.S. Congress

Sunday, November 05, 2006

Mac TV

Mac Collins speaks out on Jim Marshall's false attacks

Jim Marshall voted for Spanish Election Ballots

TV Spot Three on Amnesty and Nancy Pelosi

TV Spot Two on the Death Tax

TV Spot One on Congressman Mac Collins

Mac Collins meets with his 100 plus strong 72 Hour GOTV (Get Out the Vote) Staff

Saturday, November 04, 2006

The Minutemen endorse Mac Collins

The Minutemen and other top immigration groups come to Macon to endorse Mac Collins and Max Burns for their stands against Amnesty for Illegal Aliens, Food Stamps for Illegal Aliens and their opposition to printing Election Ballots in Spanish. A vote for Jim Marshall is a vote for Nancy Pelosi and a vote for Amnesty for Illegal Aliens.

Bush back in Georgia for second time in a month to support Mac Collins

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

President Bush visits Macon

Remarks by the President at Mac Collins for Congress Reception
Macon Centreplex
Macon, Georgia

5:35 P.M. EDT

THE PRESIDENT: Thanks for coming. It's good to be in Macon. Thanks for coming out. One thing about old Mac is you know where he stands. (Applause.) That's the kind of congressman you need from this part of the world, and that's the kind of congressman we need in Washington, D.C. (Applause.) Straightforward thinker, bringing common sense to the Nation's Capital.

I'm proud to stand here with Mac Collins. I know him well. I've worked with him, I've listened carefully to his ideas. No doubt in my mind he's the best person to represent the 8th Congressional District from the state of Georgia. (Applause.)

I'm also for him because he married well. (Applause.) Of course, that's why he invited me, because I married well. (Laughter.) And I want you to know, Julie and Mac, that Laura sends her very best to you both. I know she was your first choice for this fundraiser. (Laughter.) She's got to be the most patient woman in America. I know we've got some Texans here, and they -- they went to the same college as Laura did. And when she went there, she, frankly, wasn't interested in politics and, I think, didn't care for politicians. (Laughter.) Now, here she is as the nation's First Lady, and I firmly believe this country is better off with Laura as the First Lady. (Applause.)

I'm not only proud to be here with Mac Collins -- and I want to thank you for supporting him, by the way. I cannot thank you enough for helping this good man. He not only needs to fill the hat in order to run a good campaign, he's going to need your work coming down the stretch. He's going to need you to help make the phone calls and put up the signs and turn out the vote. He's going to need the grassroots activists to step up and say to their fellow citizens, you've got a good man in Mac Collins. He knows what happens in Washington, D.C. He's not a novice up there, when he gets back up there. He knows what he needs to do. And he's going to represent the will of the people of this district, see. That's the thing I like about Mac. And so I want to thank you for giving of your money, and thank you for giving of your time when we come down the stretch.

I also want to thank you for supporting one of the nation's fine governors, Governor Sonny Perdue. (Applause.) You know what -- all Sonny is doing is -- in office is what he said he's going to do. He said he's going to do this, he's going to do it, and he does. And I'm proud to be with Sonny and I want to thank you for helping him.

I'm also proud to be able to work with a really fine United States Senator in Senator Saxby Chambliss. (Applause.) And I see sweet Julianne is with you. Thanks for coming, Julianne. Now, let me say this about Saxby -- if you're interested in agriculture, you don't have to worry about your interests being represented in the United States Senate. The man has got some stroke up there in Washington -- (laughter) -- and he knows what he's talking about. And those of us in the White House listen to him. Senator, we're proud you're here. (Applause.)

Georgia has got a fine congressional delegation, and one of the congressmen is with us today -- Lynn Westmoreland. Congressman, thanks for coming. Good to see you. Appreciate your time. (Applause.) We've spent some quality time together, and I know he's a good one, and I know he's looking forward to getting Mac up there to work with him to do what's right for the country.

I want to thank Alec Poitevint with us. He's the Chairman of the National Committeeman. It seems like I've been saying his name for two decades, or three decades. (Laughter.) Thanks for coming, Alec. Perry McGuire -- (applause) -- Perry McGuire is with us. He's the candidate for the Attorney General for the state of Georgia. Perry, thanks for coming. (Applause.) Good luck to you, Perry.

I want to thank all the local officials and state officials who are here. Appreciate you serving. There are a lot of issues that I'll be talking about. I know Mac will be talking about them. We've got issues such as making sure we become less dependent on foreign oil. (Applause.) It's going to be helpful to have these Georgia farmers growing oil -- growing the feedstock for oil -- (laughter) -- like soy diesel or ethanol. It's coming. I look forward to working with Mac to spend some money to help new technologies evolve. We can't be complacent just because the price of gasoline is going down. Being dependent on oil from overseas is still a national security concern. And I intend to push hard for technologies that will enable us to diversify.

I'm going to work with Mac to make sure health care costs are reasonable so people can have affordable insurance. There's a lot of issues we can talk about, but one of the most important issues is taxes. It's a big national issue. I want to spend a little time talking about it today because there's a fundamental difference between the Republican and Democrat Parties on this important issue. And I'm going to discuss this issue and these differences between now and Election Day. And I'm going to spend some time right here in Macon, Georgia, talking about it. (Applause.)

Mac and I share a philosophy about taxes. We believe that the people who best know how to spend your money are the people who earn the money in the first place. (Applause.) And that's you. So we worked to ensure that working families are able to keep more of their paycheck. And that -- those weren't just empty campaign words. Those are actually deliverables. That's what we did. Max stood squarely for cutting the taxes. My administration and the Congress have enacted the largest tax relief since Ronald Reagan was in the White House. We cut the taxes for every American who pays taxes. (Applause.)

If you paid income taxes, we cut your taxes, see. We doubled the child tax credit; we reduced the marriage penalty; we cut taxes on small businesses; we cut taxes on capital gains and dividends to promote investment and jobs. And to reward family businesses and farmers for a lifetime of hard work and savings, we put the death tax on the road to extinction. (Applause.)

The Republican record on taxes is clear, and the Democrats in Washington have a clear record of their own. The trouble is, they don't want you to know about it. Recently, the top Democrat leader in the House made an interesting declaration. She said, "We love tax cuts." Given her record, she must be a secret admirer. (Laughter and applause.) It's not just the so-called tax cuts for the rich she opposes. When we cut taxes for everybody who pays income taxes, she voted against it. When we reduced the marriage penalty, she voted against it. When we cut taxes on small businesses, she voted against it. When we lowered the taxes for families with children, she voted against it. When we put the death tax on the road to extinction, she voted against it. Time and time again, she had an opportunity to show her love for tax cuts -- (laughter) -- and she voted, no. (Laughter.) If this is a Democrat's idea of love -- (laughter) -- I wouldn't want to see what hate looks like. (Laughter and applause.)

Now she and other Democrats are trotting out their old line about how they're only going to raise taxes on the rich. You've heard that before. Sounds like a nice idea until you start doing the math. Let me just give you one example. Earlier this year, the Democrats put forward a budget alternative that called for $177 billion in additional spending authority over the next five years -- a number that does not include all the other spending they proposed. The problem is, even if they raise taxes on everyone making over $200,000, they would bring only $108 billion of new revenues. And that means the Democrats would have to come up with $69 billion for additional spending they proposed. And guess who's going to have to pay?

When the Democrats find themselves short of money to pay for all their spending promises, it's the middle class Americans who get stuck with the bill. Recently the top Democrat on the House Ways and Means Committee -- that's the committee that writes taxes -- said he can't think of one of our tax cuts that should be extended. Think of that, not one. Not the tax cuts for families with children, not the reduction in the marriage penalty, not the tax cuts on small businesses, not the tax cuts on dividend and capital gains, not the cut in the death tax. Even when asked to explain his remarks, he refused to commit to extending a single tax cut we passed. If he's not going to commit to extending these tax cuts now, think of what he would do if the Democrats gained control over the United States Congress and he became chairman of this important committee.

The difference between our parties could not be clearer, and so is your choice on Election Day. If you want to keep the tax cuts we passed, vote Republican on November the 7th. (Applause.)

What they don't seem to understand, what the national Democrats don't seem to understand is that the economy grows when you control more of your own money. The tax cuts we passed put more than a trillion dollars in the hands of American workers and families and small businesses. And you've used that money to help fuel our strong and growing economy. The national unemployment rate is now 4.6 percent. People are working in the United States of America. (Applause.) Since August of 2003, our economy has added more than 6.6 million new jobs. Our pro-growth economic policies work. They're making a difference for the people of America. (Applause.)

And this strong and growing economy has helped us reduce the federal deficit. When I set a goal of cutting the deficit in half by 2009, Democrats said we couldn't get it done. Last year the ranking Democrat on the House Budget Committee said that my budget brought us nowhere near the goal of cutting the deficit in half. Here's what actually happened -- a growing economy has helped produce record tax revenues, and in July I announced that we were a year ahead of schedule in our plans to cut the deficit in half. (Applause.)

The Democrats' approach to cutting the deficit is taking more of your money to pay for their spending. The Republican approach is to restrain spending and let you keep more of your own money so this economy grows. And there's a fundamental difference and it's clear as night and day.

Next month has got this choice to make: Do we keep taxes low so we can keep this economy growing, or do we let the Democrats in Washington raise taxes and hurt the economic vitality of this country? The decision is yours to make in the voting booth. This decision will have a huge impact on the working people all across the United States of America. Whether you're a worker worried about the size of your paycheck, or a business owner who's thinking about hiring more workers, or a family worried about gas prices or health care costs, the last thing you need is higher taxes. (Applause.) To keep this economy growing and delivering prosperity to more Americans, we need to make the tax relief we passed permanent. (Applause.) And the best man for the 8th Congressional District from Georgia to do that is Mac Collins. (Applause.)

Now, there are a lot of issues we got to discuss on the campaign trail, lot of domestic issues. But there is no bigger issue facing the voters than who best to protect the United States of America. (Applause.) You know, when I was campaigning in Georgia in 2000, I didn't believe I'd be saying such a statement. I didn't want to be a war President. I don't remember a lot of discussion about war in the 2000 campaign. But war came to our shores, a war we didn't ask for and a war we must win, for the sake of future generations. (Applause.)

People ask me, what's it like to be the President. I said, it's a decision-making experience. (Laughter.) And I make a lot. And a lot of decisions I make are based upon the knowledge I learned from that attack on September the 11th, 2001. I learned we face an enemy that is ruthless, that will kill the innocent in order to achieve objectives. I learned we face an enemy that has got an ideology, an ideology that is hard for a lot of Americans to understand, an ideology that does not believe in the same freedoms we believe.

Let's talk about religion for a second. One of the great, great beliefs of America, and the fundamental cornerstone of our liberty is the fact that in America you can worship any way you so choose. If you're a Jew, Christian, Muslim, Hindu, atheist, agnostic, you're equally American -- equally American. That's a sacred right for all of our citizens. It's a right that we must never abandon in America. And it stands in stark contrast to what the enemies of freedom believe. They say if you don't worship the way they tell you to worship you'll be held to account. They say that if you don't view religion the way they view religion you'll be punished.

We're in the ideological struggle of the 21st century. It's a struggle between rational and reasonable people who believe in basic freedoms, versus extremists and radicals who murder the innocent in order to achieve their objectives. Right after 9/11, I made it clear that if one were to harvest -- harbor one of these extremists or radicals they will be judged as equally as guilty as those who commit murder.

And that's why we went into Afghanistan. I said, you've been harboring al Qaeda -- remember, they were providing safe haven for al Qaeda to train. I gave them time to turn over al Qaeda to us; they chose otherwise. And as a result of defending ourselves, which is the most important job of government, we liberated 25 million people from the clutches of that ideology. (Applause.)

This nation cannot wait for threats to fully materialize. If we're to do our most important job, which is to protect the American people, we must make sure we deal with threats before they hurt us. That's one of the fundamental changes of September the 11th. (Applause.) And it's important to have people in Congress who understand that. It's important to have a person like Mac Collins who knows that we must deal with the threat overseas so we do not have to face that threat here at home. (Applause.) I saw a threat, the Congress saw a threat, the United Nations saw a threat in Saddam Hussein, and the world is better off without him in power. (Applause.)

And now the challenge is to do the hard work of helping the Iraqis defend their freedom, the hard work of helping this young democracy survive the onslaught of murder from those who would prevent democracy from taking root. It's in our interests that we do so, because, you see, we must defeat the enemy overseas so we don't have to face them here at home. And if we were to retreat before the job is done, they would follow us straight to America. (Applause.)

And I understand it's hard on the American people, because the enemy is able to take innocent lives and it gets on our TV screens. And it's hard. I know it's hard, because Americans are compassionate people. We care about innocent life. We care about the human condition. But it's necessary work. We'll continue to make sure our commanders have that which they need to do the job. We will be flexible in our tactics in order to help this young democracy survive. We will deploy the assets necessary to bring people to justice overseas so we don't have to face them here at home.

And I need people by my side in the United States Congress like Mac Collins, who will make sure our brave men and women who wear the uniform have all that's necessary to defend the United States of America. (Applause.) We will stay, we will fight, and we will win for the security of the United States. (Applause.)

But we must do more than just stay on the offense against these killers. We pressure them every day. It's harder to plot and plan when you're on the run or you're hiding in a cave. But I recognized after 9/11 we must also deploy all assets to protect you. I think about my job of protecting you every day. It's the most fundamental of all requirements of government. And so, after 9/11, I called upon Congress, and sometimes -- a week later called upon Congress to give our folks on the front line of fighting terror the tools necessary to protect you.

There were walls set up between intelligence and criminal investigators that made it impossible for folks to share intelligence with those who are hired to protect you. It's hard for me to explain why that was the case -- just take my word for it. (Laughter.) It was there. You had somebody get some intelligence, they couldn't share it with the person charged with criminal justice matters. And it made us vulnerable to attack.

And so I asked Congress to pass the Patriot Act. Congressman Mac Collins didn't hesitate. He said it's the right thing to do to give those on the front line of fighting terror the tools necessary to protect you. As a matter of fact, right after 9/11, it wasn't hard to get the bill passed. Five years later, however -- or four years later, I came back and said we need to renew the bill, and on the floor of the United States Senate, Democrats filibustered the bill. See, that's Democrat-talk -- Washington-talk for killing it, trying to kill it. They must think differently about this war on terror. It's a fundamental issue in this campaign, the difference about how to defend America.

The Senate Minority Leader openly bragged about -- "We killed the bill," he said, killed the Patriot Act. To me, it speaks volumes in this campaign about which party clearly sees the enemy as it is and which party is willing to do the hard work necessary to protect the American people. I do not question the patriotism of anybody. I just know there's a different mind-set when they fought the Patriot Act's renewal.

As you know, I put in place a plan that said if al Qaeda is calling into the United States, we want to know why. We want to know why. (Applause.) In this war on terror, we're capturing people. And sometimes, for example, we might find something in somebody's pocket, and, say, it had a phone number of -- an American phone number, and that phone number gets called from overseas -- not with a call within the United States, but from outside in. We need to know. If the most important job is to protect the American people, we need to know why that person, that al Qaeda and/or al Qaeda affiliate, is making a phone call.

So the United States Congress had a vote on this recently, out of the House of Representatives; 166 Democrats voted against the bill, voted against giving our people the tools necessary to protect you. These are fine people; I know a lot of them. They're decent citizens of our country. They just have a different view about the world in which we live. Perhaps one way to summarize it is, okay, we'll get tough, we'll respond after we're attacked. My attitude is, we better give our folks the tools necessary to protect you before we get attacked to protect the American people. (Applause.)

As you, I'm sure, read, we have been capturing people on the battlefield. I call it a battlefield because this is a war. And we have interrogated those people in order to find out whether or not they know about attacks on the United States. In my discussion to the American people about this issue, I talked about some of the examples. For example, we have captured and interrogated a fellow named Khalid Sheikh Mohammed, who our intelligence people believe was the mastermind of the September the 11th attacks.

This country is under threat. The enemy still wants to hurt us. And therefore, it seemed like it made sense to me that when we found the mastermind, or the presumed mastermind of the September the 11th attacks, that our professionals should find out what this fellow knows. If the most important job is to protect the American people, we must give our professionals the tools necessary to protect you.

This bill came up for a vote recently in the House and the Senate. The overwhelming majority of Democrats voted against giving our professionals the tools necessary to protect you. There's a fundamental difference in this campaign, and it's a clear difference. And the American people need to understand there's a difference in this campaign. Our most important job is to protect you from attack, and the Republican Party will make sure our professionals have the tools that are necessary to defend you. (Applause.)

And the people of this congressional district don't need to worry about where Mac Collins stands. (Applause.) I look forward to working with this good man to help protect you from the threats we face.

We're in an ideological struggle. It's the challenge of our time. It's the call of our generation. We've got a great military, we've got wonderful professionals working hard to protect you. We've got one other fantastic way to defend America, a great asset, and that's freedom. I believe in the universality of freedom. I believe there's an Almighty. I believe one of the great gifts of the Almighty is the desire for people to be free. And I believe that the United States of America -- (applause) -- and I believe the United States of America -- it's in our interest that we promote liberty. Oh, not every democracy is going to look like ours. Each democracy ought to represent their own history and traditions. But it's in our interest that liberty flourish, because that's how you ultimately win the ideological struggle that pits reasonable people against extremists. That's how you win a struggle with those who want their children to grow up in a reasonable society, a hopeful society, against those who will create chaos so that they can't do so.

You know, I recently -- you might remember, I just had an interesting experience recently when the Prime Minister of Japan and I went down to Elvis' place. (Laughter.) Laura and I had never been there, and so -- (laughter) -- I thought that would be fun. (Laughter.) Prime Minister Koizumi really wanted to go there -- (laughter) -- because he is a -- he's an Elvis fan. He loves Elvis. But I also wanted to tell a story. I'm going to tell it right quick and then -- and then head back up -- have dinner with Laura. Here it is: I find it is a really interesting kind of twist of history, I guess you could put it, that I'm going to Elvis' place with the Prime Minister of Japan, and my dad fought the Japanese. Eighteen-year-old George H.W. Bush -- I'm sure you've got relatives, the same thing happened to them -- responded to the violent attack on the United States, and said, I want to -- I want to volunteer, like thousands of other kids.

And we fought the Japanese with all we had. And it was a bloody war -- really bloody war. And yet, 60 years later, I'm on Air Force One flying to Memphis -- (laughter) -- talking about the peace, working with Prime Minister Koizumi on issues like North Korea. And I will tell you, we're more likely to solve this issue peacefully when we've got people like Japan and China and South Korea and Russia saying the exact same thing as the United States is to the man in North Korea. (Applause.)

It helps to be able to sit down and talk ally to ally about the peace. We talked about the fact that the Japanese had 1,000 troops in Iraq helping this young democracy fight off the extremists that can't stand the thought of a free society in their midst. We talked about the strategic implications of abandoning those who long for liberty in the Middle East. He knows what I know, that there could be a world in which moderate governments get toppled, which is precisely what the enemy said they want to do, so that these extremists control energy resources in which they'd be able to blackmail the free world.

And you combine that with a nuclear weapon in the hands of an Iran, and Koizumi and I understand that the world would look back and say, what happened to them? How come they couldn't see the threat? We're all flying on Air Force One with the former Prime Minister of Japan -- he recently left office -- talking about the peace. And I found that to be amazing. Something happened between when George H.W. Bush became a Navy pilot, and his son is talking about the peace. And what happened was, Japan adopted a Japanese-style democracy. Liberty has got the capacity to change an enemy into an ally. Liberty has got the capacity to bring hope where hope is needed, and light where there's darkness. (Applause.)

I believe -- I believe if this generation does its duty to protect future generations of Americans, some day an American President will be sitting down talking with the duly elected leaders of the Middle East and talking about the peace, and a generation of Americans will be better off.

Those are the stakes of the elections of 2006, the stakes of the world in which we live. And I'll be proud to work with Mac Collins to bring the peace we all want. God bless. (Applause.)

END 6:08 P.M. EDT

Monday, October 09, 2006

The Macon Fraternal Order of Police and the Macon-Bibb Firefighters Association endorses Mac Collins on Friday night. Also Jim Martin of the 60 Plus Association endorses Mac Collins for his defense of America’s elderly.

Mac Collins and Congressman Buck McKeon, Chairman of the House Committee on Education and the Workforce, meeting with educators in Houston County.

Mac Collins and Jamie Bostwick in Macon

Friday, September 15, 2006

Mac Collins speaks to business leaders in Warner Robins

Click for Part One

Click for Part Two

Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Mac Collins speaking in Bibb County

The Jones County News

Republican candidates for Georgia elections and a U.S. Congressional seat made a strong showing of unity at an event hosted by State Senator Cecil Staton last weekend.

Staton is not opposed in the November Election but threw his support behind fellow Republicans during a press conference at his publishing company September 9. The event was well attended by the Republican candidates that will be on the fall ballot with most making an appearance, with the exception of the governor.

The event was advertised as a press conference; however, the media were conspicuous by their absence in both broadcast and print media.

“It’s a good day to be a Republican,” Staton said before announcing the first speaker. “I’m proud of our ticket and honored the candidates would stop by here on a busy Saturday. To win this race, it’s going to take everyone involved working hard to maintain our majority.”

Senator Johnny Grant said, not too many years ago, a Republican candidate in Middle Georgia could hold a rally in the back of a pickup truck.

“Now people can connect with us. That’s the difference,” Grant said.

U.S. Congressional candidate Mac Collins touted the gains made by Sonny Perdue concerning the state budget.

“That’s what should be done not only on the state level but also on the federal level,” Collins said. “People in Congress should keep those dollars in mind. Tax relief helps every entity in the country.”

Collins categorized himself as a true conservative and said a true conservative would not have voted against drilling for oil on both sides of the country.

“We need it. It won’t make us totally independent, but it would help,” he said.

Collins said the best tool the country has against terrorists is the phone surveillance program.
“We’ll never know how many lives have been saved,” he added.

Casey Cagle, candidate for lieutenant governor, said he has visited 30 counties in four days. Cagle is on record supporting Open Records and said government needs to be focused on creating more jobs.

“We need to keep Georgia safe and protect our family values,” he stated. Cagle said he was raised by a single mother who worked two jobs to make ends meet.

“My goal is to create a better Georgia for every person in the state,” Cagle added.
If elected, Cagle would be the state’s first Republican lieutenant governor.

State School Superintendent Kathy Cox pointed out that she is the only ‘Kathy Cox’ on November’s ballot, referring to Secretary of State Cathy Cox, who lost to Mark Taylor in the Primary. Candidates Karen Handle, Gary Black, Perry McGuire, Brent Brown, Mike Wiggins, Chuck Eaton and Rebecca Bryce also gave brief statements.

Staton said he is working to ensure that Allen Freeman retains his seat as House District 140 representative.

“I’ve been knocking on doors today. It’s the part I most like about this job, meeting the people I represent,” Freeman said.

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

U.S. Chamber of Commerce

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Contact: Linda Rozett/David Felipe

U.S. Chamber Endorses Mac Collins for Election
in Georgia’s 8th Congressional District Race

WASHINGTON, D.C. – The United States Chamber of Commerce announced today that it has formally endorsed former Congressman Mac Collins for election in the race for Georgia’s 8th congressional district seat.

“Mac Collins knows how important the business community is to the overall health and prosperity of our nation’s economy,” said Bill Miller, Chamber vice president and national political director. “He has earned the Chamber’s endorsement in this competitive race because we believe he is the best choice to support businesses of every size on the issues that matter most to the nation’s employers.”

Collins previously served in the House of Representatives for 12 years, during which time he compiled an 85 percent cumulative voting record with the Chamber on business issues and legislation. He was a strong supporter of several of the business community’s priorities, including class action, bankruptcy reform and healthcare legislation.

The U.S. Chamber has become a major player in national elections, endorsing candidates who have demonstrated support for business priorities and will work to advance a pro-growth agenda in Congress. During the 2004 election cycle, the Chamber devoted significant resources to nine key Senate races and 28 House contests, working with its member affiliates to hold fundraisers, educate voters and organize get-out-the-vote efforts. Chamber-backed were victorious in seven Senate contests and 20 of those House races.

The U.S. Chamber is the world’s largest business federation representing more than 3 million businesses and organizations of every size, sector and region. # # # 06 – GA8

Monday, September 11, 2006

9/11 Never Forget

With candles, they pause to remember Sept. 11, 2001, with readings, prayer

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

By Eric Crump/Staff writer
The Marshall-Democrat News

The lyrics to Alan Jackson's wistful song, "Where Were You (When the World stopped turning)?" were read to the U.S. House of Representatives by Mac Collins (R-Ga.) on Nov. 16, 2001.

And Monday, Sept. 11, they set the tone for a solemn ceremony of remembrance sponsored by the Veterans of Foreign Wars Ladies Auxiliary, Marshall Post 2646.

As the song played over the public address system, those in attendance formed a candlelight procession around the flag pole in front of VFW hall in Marshall, the American and MIA/POW flags hanging at half-staff.

Prior to the procession, Wanda Money, president of the ladies auxiliary, read a memorial to those who died in the Sept. 11, 2001, terrorist attacks.

She was followed by Mindy Wolfe, who read a prayer that was printed recently in a St. Peter Catholic Church bulletin, including the lines,

"We have painfully learned

that our country is vulnerable ...

We pray for peace

for our country and our world ... ."

Then Billie Weathers read a poem, author unknown, in which Abraham Lincoln welcomes the victims of 9/11 to heaven. The poem concludes:
"... so many lives

Are suffering now because of this wrong

But look very closely. You're not really gone.

All of those people, even those who've never met you

All of their lives, they'll never forget you

Don't you see what has happened?

Don't you see what you've done?

You've brought them together, together as one."

In 20 minutes the ceremony was over. And Jim Money, post commander, ended it as simply as it had begun, saying, "Always remember this day."

Alan Jackson - Where Were You (Live Video)

Saturday, September 09, 2006

Mac Collins speaking to the Houston County GOP

Part One

Part Two

Part Three

Representative Larry O’Neal supports Mac Collins

Friday, September 08, 2006

Newt Gingrich mentions Mac on Hannity and Colmes

The American Eleven - A Values Led Plan for Victory in November
Human Events Online September 5 2006
Newt Gingrich

The fall 2006 elections are now just two months away. Although the conventional wisdom is that Republicans will have a tough time this fall, I believe that we can still win -- but not without substantial changes.

In this edition of "Winning the Future," I outline 11 values-led policies that are both morally right and that enjoy (not coincidentally) the overwhelming support of the American people. These are the values and the policies that Republicans should embrace this fall.

Here's the key:

Republican victory in 2006 depends on a return to the American values that twice elected Ronald Reagan and returned the House to a Republican majority with the Contract with America.

Republicans in 2006 must return to the pattern that allowed the center-right majority to win decisive elections for President Reagan in 1980 and 1984 and win with the Contract with America in 1994.

President Ronald Reagan was successful because as governor, as a candidate and as President he spoke for and advocated the values of the overwhelming majority of Americans.

The Contract with America succeeded because its core solutions (standing on President Reagan's shoulders) reflected deeply held American values. It is vital that Republican leaders understand these were American values not Republican values.

92% of the American people favored welfare reform.
88% of the people on welfare favored welfare reform.
83% of the American people favored a balanced budget.
On issue after issue the Contract with America represented the values of the American people. The left was defeated in 1994 because it had lost touch with the American people.

The Reagan-Contract Rule: Change Starts With the People

For the last few years, Republicans in Washington have forgotten the Reagan-Contract rule that successful change starts with the American people. There is a real danger that Republicans will lose the House and the Senate this fall because they have strayed from this core principle of starting first with the concerns and values of the American people and then developing effective policies.

Consultants are working overtime to convince the American people to favor Republican policies. This is exactly backwards.

What really works is what happens when Republicans identify themselves with the American people and against the values of the left-wing establishment that dominates the media, the bureaucracies and the lobbying community.

11 Ways to Say: "We're Not Nancy Pelosi"

Republicans should spend the next two months focused on 11 straightforward, morally grounded issues about which the American people have clearly defined beliefs.

Some of these issues will make Republican elitists uncomfortable, but these were the same elitists who were uncomfortable with President Reagan and who scoffed at the Contract with America and rejected its bold proposals.

A Republican majority in the House that spent the next two months on these eleven issues would go a long way toward clarifying the choice between the San Francisco values of Nancy Pelosi and those of a GOP majority. This refreshing approach would reject the "incumbentitis" of relying on pork-barrel spending for reelection and return to the basic populist conservative values which gave us a majority in the first place.

These 11 issues are all clear and all doable.

1)Make English the Official Language of Government. The House should pass a bill making English the official language of government, abolishing multilingual ballots and reaffirming that new citizens should be required to pass a test on American history in English. The Rasmussen poll reported that support for English as the official language was 85%. The Zogby poll had it at 84%. Why do Republican leaders find it so hard to side with more than four out of every five Americans? How many liberal Democrats who currently assume they are unbeatable would suddenly have a hard time explaining a series of votes against English to their constituents? Remember, at 85%, there are no anti-English congressional districts no matter what the elite media says.

2)Control the Borders. The House should pass a narrowly focused bill to ensure that the United States can control the border. The current Senate bill is a disaster. It is impossible to pass a "comprehensive" immigration bill in the next two months. The American people overwhelmingly want the borders controlled and every act of terrorism reminds us that having the borders uncontrolled makes us more vulnerable to attack. The House should immediately pass a border-control bill and conservative Republican senators should move every day to bring it up in the Senate. Let Democrats and elitist Republicans block controlling the border and make that a referendum test for Election Day.

3)Keep God in the Pledge. Congress should take two steps to preserve the right to say "one nation under God" in the Pledge of Allegiance, a right which is supported by 91% of all Americans. The American people feel deeply that our Declaration of Independence is correct in saying that each of us is endowed by our Creator with inalienable rights. Beginning with the Supreme Court's 1963 decision outlawing school prayer, the courts have waged a 43-year assault on the core values of American liberty. It is time to return to a balanced Constitutional system. There is no Constitutional case for five lawyers on the court being a floating majority for a permanent Constitutional Convention.

The American people would rally to the elected branches' taking steps to rebalance the Constitution. First, the Congress should pass a bill suspending the recent federal district court decision in California outlawing the words "one nation under God" in the Pledge of Allegiance. Second, the House should pass a law blocking the Supreme Court from reviewing the constitutionality of the Pledge of Allegiance (a power of the House expressly granted in the Constitution).

4)Require a Voter ID Card. The American people overwhelmingly support (85% in one case, 70%-plus even after all the arguments against it are made) having a voter id card so we can be sure only legal citizens are voting. Passing a bill to require this in all federal elections would be a big step toward more honest elections.

5)Repeal the Death Tax, for Good. The American people have consistently supported the total repeal of the death tax and the House should simply pass it once a week and attach it to various Senate bills to force the Senate to deal with it again and again. Let liberals explain why they oppose something that more than 70% of the country favors.

6)Restore Property Rights. The American people are deeply opposed to local politicians' being able to seize a citizen's home or business. The Supreme Court's Kelo decision on eminent domain is one of the most unpopular in recent years and is also one of the most dangerous. Anyone who knows the history of local government corruption in America knows it will not be long before some corrupt developers engage some corrupt politicians and this power is exploited at the cost of most Americans. Members of the Black Caucus have been among the most vocal in pointing out that it is poor people who will be the most victimized so rich developers and greedy politicians can make the money off their homes and businesses. The House should pass a powerful bill returning the constitutional law to the pre-Kelo rules and blocking the Supreme Court from reviewing it.

7)Achieve Sustainable Energy Independence. The country is eager for a straightforward new energy strategy for national security, environmental and economic reasons. The combination of $3 gasoline, watching Iran, Venezuela, Saudi Arabia and Russia get more of our money, and concerns about the environment come together to require real change. The House should meet that need. Starting with Rep. Jim Nussle's (R-Iowa) bill on renewable fuels, adding to it clean nuclear power using new technologies that are safe and produce little waste, developing more clean coal solutions, investing in a conversion to a hydrogen economy, incentivizing conservation, providing tax credits so the auto industry can invest in the new technology and new manufacturing equipment needed to produce revolutionary new vehicles, creating the tax incentives to build the distribution system for biofuels, hybrids, and hydrogen, providing deeper tax incentives for radically better cars (imagine a substantial tax credit for cars exceeding 200 miles to the gallon of petroleum through a combination of E-85 or biodiesel, hybrid use of electricity and hydrogen), and a bill to create state flexibility in exploring off shore with a 50% split in revenue so state legislatures and governors would have an incentive to develop environmentally sound methods of exploration and production.

8)Control Spending and Balance the Budget. The House should pass new budget legislation to control spending, leading to a balanced budget in seven years (the length of time we gave ourselves in the Contract with America and which led to the first four balanced budgets since the 1920s), with special focus on programs liberals will fight to increase spending. Let the country see who is really committed to smaller government with lower taxes and who is committed to bigger government with higher taxes.

9)Tie Education Funding to Teacher Accountability. A major result of the No Child Left Behind legislation has been the clear revelation that a number of schools systems are crippling and destroying children. When the Detroit school system only graduates 21% of entering freshman on time, it is clear the children are being cheated. The American people strongly support reforms designed to save the children. The first step would be to insist that federal funds only go to school systems which require teacher competency and accountability. A clear choice between those who want to save the children and those who want to save the bureaucrats would mobilize the country in favor of dramatic education reform.

10)Defend America From the Irreconcilable Wing of Islam. Terrorism is a real threat. Congress should hold hearings on the recent terror activities in Canada, the United Kingdom and Morocco. The House should move bills that strengthen our security from terrorists with increased powers for surveillance, an overruling of the disastrous Hamdan decision and a series of other steps.

11)Focus on Iran and North Korea. The American people are very prepared to believe we face extraordinary threats from a nuclear North Korea and an Iranian regime actively seeking to develop nuclear weapons. Any actions in Iraq need to be recast in terms of their impact on Iran. A weak America in Iraq will be unable to stop Iran. Stopping Iran is potentially literally a matter of life and death. Congress should hold hearings on the scale of the Iranian and North Korean threat, the statements of their key leaders and the requirements for action to replace these dictatorships before they succeed in killing millions of Americans. The Santorum Iranian democracy bill should be forced out of the Senate in the context of these threats. Everything about Iraq should be debated within this larger and much more dangerous context.
These eleven steps focus on the House because Republicans have practical control of the House and can move legislation in the House in a timely manner.

The Senate is so hard to manage and the confusion in the Senate is so great that it is impossible to imagine a clear message coming from the Senate.

The House of Representatives, however, has the opportunity to set the agenda for the fall and to define the issues in terms which will have overwhelming support from the American people.

House Republicans have two months to change history. They can go one of two ways.

They can continue to ignore the lessons of history, and forget the fact that real change must begin with the American people, not the media or Washington elite.

Or House Republicans can learn from history. They can listen to the American people and return to the center-right populist majority which President Reagan and the Contract with America gave them. The choice is theirs -- and ours.

Your friend,

Newt Gingrich

Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Mac TV: Newt Gingrich endorses Mac Collins

Centerville’s Mayor Bubba Edwards endorses Mac Collins

Masonic district annual fish fry a success
Houston Daily Journal
September 6, 2006

The 12th Masonic District held its annual Dublin VA Hospital Fish Fry Saturday.

During that occasion smiles beamed on both sides of the serving table as they have each Labor Day for more than 20 years, as more than 200 veterans and the entire staff were served.

Special thanks go out to the cooking team from Tyrian No. 111 of Warner Robins, who didn’t bat an eye, but just set up the professional cookers and got to work. Brother M. M. Cloud, a mason from Houston Lodge No. 35 of Perry, supervised the cooking.

This year there were also some special Masonic guests to drop in from other areas in the state. Brother Ted Collins, the senior grand warden of the Grand Lodge of Georgia stopped by as did Brother Mac Collins, a congressional candidate for the U.S. House and a member of Indian Springs Lodge No. 307 in the 6th District. Collins personally delivered many plates to the veterans on the wards.

Again, thanks to all the Masons and lodges who took time out on their Saturday to make this possible, and a very special thanks to those veterans who allowed them to cook a few fish for them. They paid the price of freedom.

Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Photos from the Campaign Trail

Mayor Bubba Edwards hosted Mac in Centerville

Lunch with the Houston County GOP and Congressman Jack Kingston

Mac served fish dinners to veterans with his fellow Masons in Dublin

Mac Collins at the Paulk Dove Hunt

Sunday, August 27, 2006

What he didn't say...

What he didn't say. . .

I found the recent letter from Doug Silvia, "Beyond dirty campaigning," interesting for what it did not say about the 8th District Congressional race between Mac Collins and Rep. Jim Marshall. He speaks about Marshall's support for the war on terror and support for veterans - both commendable, but fully expected of anyone wishing to represent the values of Middle Georgians.

What he did not mention are some of the other issues that Marshall supported through his votes in Congress. Marshall apparently believes that English is not the language of this nation by his vote to print election ballots in Spanish. He believes we do not have an energy problem in this country by voting against drilling for oil in ANWR and opposing new oil refineries.

He believes that hard working Americans should not have the right to pass on to their children the fruits of a lifetime of work by voting against repeal of the Death Tax. And most offensive, he voted against funding the terrorist surveillance program that has proven to be one of the most effective tools in the arsenal against terrorism.

Sylvia, who says he is a Republican, should not lose sight of the fact that Marshall voted with Nancy Pelosi 79 percent of the time last year and will vote to make her Speaker of the House should he return to the Congress. That reality would place Pelosi, an ultra liberal San Francisco Democrat, third in line to the presidency.

Judy Goddard


Houston County Republican Party
Warner Robins

Thursday, August 24, 2006

The signs are in!!!!!!

Stewart Pippin and Jamie Bostwick help put out signs in Macon this past Sunday.
If you have a place in a high traffic area for a 2x4 or 4x8, please let us know today!
For a sign call Matt at 478-225-6285

Jim Marshall has voted against drilling in the ANWR five times in three years

Oil reserves in Alaska’s Arctic National Wildlife Refuge (ANWR) are estimated to be about 10 billion barrels and access to that oil would boost domestic production by almost 20 percent.

Drilling in ANWR would provide 1 million barrels of oil a day for the next 30 years and would create more than 1 million jobs across the nation. (House Resources Committee)

Even though the proposal to drill for oil in ANWR would limit oil facilities to just 2,000 of ANWR’s 19 million acres (0.01 percent), Rep. Marshall still sided with the environmental extremists and voted to prohibit oil and gas exploration in ANWR.

Marshall has voted this way five times in three years.

Mac Collins went to the ANWR and took the following video. He is posting the video here so the residents of Georgia’s new 8th Congressional District can see for themselves that there is no reason not to drill in the ANWR.

Mac Collins has voted to drill in the ANWR and supports such drilling.

Mac TV: ANWR Video

Collins Views Biodiesel Sales

Collins views biodiesel sales
by Lori Glenn

MOULTRIE — Candidate for the U.S. House District 8, former Congressman Mac Collins, stopped by Moultrie Wednesday to speak with the manager of Farmers Fuel Services about its recent move to stock biodiesel.

Farmers Fuel, located on Fourth Avenue Northeast, has been selling biodiesel for three weeks now with great reviews.

“We looked at it and said, ‘Why not?’” manager Greg Manley said.

Farmers Fuel blends B100, a soybean biodiesel, bought from a Rome distributor, into diesel fuel. At present, since consistent supply is not yet available, the retailer blends it at a level of B10. The retailer could use three loads a week, Manley said, but now it’s only getting two loads every eight to 10 days. As the B100 becomes more available, Manley plans to increase the biodiesel content to B20.

Biodiesel is an excellent additive for the new low-sulfur engines, Manley said. It runs cleaner with less friction. The initial downside is that fuel filters had to be changed out often in the transition, because the biodiesel begins to clean up injectors and polishes out the engine, Manley said. He, his staff and customers report they have realized about a mile to the gallon savings, which would translate into anywhere from 8 to 15 cents a gallon.

“The farmers are all for it, because they’re supporting each other. Not only that, they’re getting performance out this too. It will make us more self-sufficient, and that is a plus,” Manley said. “... We’re looking at an agricultural revolution so to speak, because we’re going to put people back to work farming and land back into production.”

“We’ve got to do something to get away from this dependency on foreign oil, and with ag being the primary business in this part of the state and many other states, it’s the thing to go to,” said Collins.

“Yes, sir. No doubt,” Manley said. “I think you’re going to see all these fallow fields from tobacco and CRP pines, I think you’re fixing to see people going back to the farm who want to farm and make a living at it.”

Manley said a Citgo representative told him this week that the U.S. is running on a six-day supply.

“If the refineries shut down, we’d be out of fuel in six days. It’s just as simple as that,” he said, frustrated at the lengthy permitting process that was later streamlined by the last Energy Bill.
Collins, who sold out his trucking business to his sons last year, supports drilling in the Alaskan wildlife refuge and more offshore drilling to increase domestic supply plus streamline the permit process for refineries without compromising environmental regulations to encourage oil companies to build more refineries in the U.S. It’s a national security issue, he said.
Collins said Congress must look at ways to encourage distribution of alternative fuels. The former congressman, who served on the Ways and Means Committee for a decade, said alternative fuel retailers ought to be able to write off capital investments in that year or in the short term.

Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Mac Collins on Energy

Mac Collins salutes the efforts of the Georgia Alternative Energy Cooperative

(Tifton, GA) – On Monday, following campaign stops in Irwin and Ben Hill Counties, former Congressman Mac Collins traveled to Tifton for an organizational meeting of the Georgia Alternative Energy Cooperative. The cooperative is a consortium of Georgia farmers dedicated to leading the way in the development and production of this nation’s agricultural energy resources. The cooperative’s board members presented a far-sighted and comprehensive feasibility summary for establishing an ethanol production facility in Georgia’s new 8th Congressional District.

The proposed business cooperative plans to build a 40 million gallon a year Ethanol refinery near Tifton. The group is seeking $33 million dollars in investment dollars from the local community to build the facility, with the goal of keeping ownership in the hands of the local agricultural and financial communities. Congressman Collins is one of the nations leading advocates of American energy independence and a vocal supporter of including provisions regarding bio-fuels in the 2007 Farm Bill.

“This cooperative is a perfect example of what will lead American’s away from their dependence on Middle Eastern oil. The American people should not be purchasing fuel from fundamentalist Islamic regimes who repeatedly call for the destruction of America and the death of Israel. We are, in effect, financing our own demise. The time has come for the American people to invest in projects such as the Georgia Alternative Energy Cooperative which will help lead us towards the achievable goal of energy independence. Upon my return to Congress, one of my primary objectives will be the inclusion of agricultural energy programs in the 2007 Farm Bill. Our energy dollars have been enriching Middle Eastern oil Sheiks for decades. That money will now be going into the American Agriculture market”, said Congressman Collins after the meeting in Tifton.

Tuesday, August 22, 2006

John Douglas on Peach Pundit

Senator John Douglas speaks out on Peach Pundit about the race between Mac Collins and Jim Marshall

Actually, Jim Marshall is not the primary issue. The main concern is whether veterans and active military in the 8th district want Nancy Pelosi and John Murtha having veto authority over defense appropriations bills. While Marshall claims to be a “good ole boy” conservative at home, he almost certainly would vote for Pelosi for Speaker of the House and likely Murtha for Majority Leader.

Reviewing the record, both potential leaders have proven time and again their disdain for the military and veterans. Neither can be trusted with the defense of our country. Pelosi comes from the rock solid anti Military area of San Francisco and Murtha has fallen off the left side of the spectrum recently in his rush to convict Marines of murder, Marines who havent even been charged with a crime.

Now, with the prospect of those two leading the US House, Veterans and active military everywhere better step up to the plate and demand with their votes that we do better. And the way we do better is by ensuring that the House remains in Republican hands.

The national democrats declared war on our military in 1968 and have not let up since. The attempt to disenfrancise military voters in Florida in 2000 is a prime example. President Clinton visited the Pentagon once during his 8 years in office, to attend his farewell ceremony 3 days before he left office. (He was in more of a rush to visit North Vietnam than his own Department of Defense). Imagine Howard Dean offering advice on military matters to Speaker Pelosi ???

Meanwhile, high tech, high paid jobs in Georgia are threatened by Marshall’s inaction. Its time we have a Congressman in Washington (”we” because I too live in the new 8th) who we can depend on to keep good jobs in Georgia while ensuring our defenses are not lacking during the world war on Islamic Facists.

Mac Collins will not make the rookie mistakes Marshall is making and I look forward to his return to DC.


What others said:

jsm said,

August 22, 2006 @ 8:59 am

Mac Collins CAN run on a platform of tax cuts, fiscal discipline, and no nonsense conservative leadership. He has the record to back it up.

Although Marshall has been on the more conservative side of the Democratic Party, his record doesn’t hold a candle to Mac’s, when it comes to the core values of the people in the district.

Go Mac!

UGA Wins 2005 said,
August 22, 2006 @
9:33 pm

You libs may be frothing at the mouth to get Pelosi as Speaker, but only if you want a hard core, left coast liberal at the helm in the House.

Imagine those members of the House Atlantaman mentioned actually chairing committees of importance???? If you think who sits in the Speaker’s chair or which party controls the House isnt important or something most voters care about, think again. And Jim Marshall being a member of that party means that his vote would be with them. Therefore, I agree that he has to go.

Collins ‘06!

Follow the link above to read the full debate including the Democrats attempt to defend Mr. Marshall.

Mac TV: First TV Spot

Monday, August 21, 2006

Saving the C-17

Saving the C-17

During Congressman Mac Collins’ 12 years in the House of Representatives he worked hand-in-hand with the Appropriations Committee to save many defense projects that were important to Georgia. The latest threat to discontinue production of the C-17 cargo jet, costing hundreds of jobs in Macon, is yet another reason why the 8th district needs a representative with seniority and know-how.

“I worked successfully with Saxby Chambliss, Johnny Isakson and Defense Appropriations Chairman Jerry Lewis when the Pentagon threatened to stop building the C-130.Then, when there was a threat to the production of the F-22, we worked hard to make sure that production continued. Being a member of congress is about knowing how to get things done for the people you represent. I’ve been there and done that.”

Mac Collins experience has been invaluable to Georgia’s defense industry in the past and he is paramount to the continued success of the defense industry in the 8th district. Collins was one of the members of congress who worked with appropriators and Boeing in the early stages of the C-17 program to solve a wing flaw that potentially would have shelved the entire project.

“I can not stress enough the importance of the choice voters have in this election,” said Congressman Jack Kingston. “Mac Collins is the best qualified candidate to replace me as the Congressman for Robins Air Force Base. For Robins to be properly represented and for jobs at both the base and Boeing to be preserved it will take an influential member of the Republican Party. Not a junior member of the minority party.” Congressman Kingston is a member of the defense appropriations committee.

Kingston added, “The question of preserving Boeing jobs in Macon and the C-17 program will require a Congressman with friends and influence within the Appropriations Committee. Mac has the influence to change the course of this ship. If the people of Georgia’s new 8th Congressional District want to ensure the continued prosperity of Robins Air Force Base and programs such as the C-17, I highly recommend that they choose Mac Collins as their next Congressman.”

Friday, August 18, 2006

Photo One: Mac Collins and Newt Gingrich at a press conference in Warner Robins.
Photo Two: Mac Collins and Newt Gingrich speaking at the home of Rick and Judy Goddard.

Gingrich stumps for Mac Collins

By Gene Rector


From the Macon Telegraph
August 18, 2008

WARNER ROBINS - Former U.S. Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich weighed in on Georgia's 8th Congressional District race Thursday, saying a vote for Republican Mac Collins will "help the president, help the country and keep the House in the hands of people who share the values of the people of Georgia."

Gingrich held an afternoon news conference at Collins' Warner Robins campaign headquarters on Watson Boulevard, then attended a fundraiser at the home of Rick and Judy Goddard.

Collins, a Jackson native, is battling incumbent Rep. Jim Marshall in the newly redrawn district that includes Bibb and Houston counties along with at least parts of 19 others.

Gingrich, who left the House in 1999 after 20 years, said the nation is facing a "very serious period in its history." The Georgia historian and author - and possible presidential candidate in 2008 - said the nation's political climate today is very similar to the mid- to late-1930s and the buildup to World War II.

"It is very similar in terms of the threat that's emerging and the element of our democracy who wants to hide from it," he said. "Having a strong defense, having a strong Robins Air Force Base and doing the right things for America's security is central to our survival."

A strong national defense is not a luxury, Gingrich said. "And I see no evidence that the San Francisco Democrats of Nancy Pelosi have any idea how dangerous the world is and how important it is to be strong." Pelosi, the Democratic leader in the House, represents California's 8th District and would likely become speaker should the Democrats win a majority in the November election.

Gingrich said the local congressional race offers voters a very clear contrast. "There's no question that if Mac Collins wins and there is conservative leadership in the House, the president will get what he asks for in terms of national security money," Gingrich said.
At least one party is trying to deal in a serious way with direct threats to the nation's survival, he said. Turning House leadership over to Pelosi and the Democrats, Gingrich emphasized, would turn that role over to a party that "wants to start from weakness, appease the dictators and terrorists and ultimately put us in a position of surrender because we'll have no strength left."

Collins said it is difficult to fund guns and butter but that's where we are. "We're at war," he said, "yet we have a lot of social programs that have to be funded. We have had aggression and we'll have it again. So we have to fund the guns part and take another look at the butter part."

Sen. Joe Lieberman's loss to newcomer Ned Lamont in Connecticut's Democratic primary said more about the Democratic Party than the country at large, Gingrich suggested. "The country may not be going to the left, but the Democratic Party is," he said. "A very left-wing candidate who favored weakness, appeasement and surrender was able to win the nomination against a very senior senator who has been his own party's vice presidential candidate."

Gingrich said polls released Thursday morning showed Lieberman, running as an independent, had a double-digit lead over Lamont and a Republican challenger.

Gingrich was sharply critical of the U.N. cease-fire plan in south Lebanon. "The Hezbollah, Syria and Iran have claimed victory," he said, "and the Hezbollah are strengthening their position. They are not going to be disarmed. It's very clear that the Lebanese army will not do that."
The next three to six months will determine who is right, he said. "But every indication I have is that this resolution will not achieve anything but give the terrorists and dictators time to prepare for the next round," Gingrich added.

He said he was not happy with everything that has occurred in Washington under a Republican-controlled Congress and White House. "But this is not about Washington being perfect," Gingrich said.

"If most people walk into the voting booth thinking their vote could decide whether we have a conservative speaker or a San Francisco liberal, then that will make this a very important election," he said.

Friday, August 11, 2006

Breaking News

Jim Marshall voted against Terrorist Surveillance program that thwarted airline bombings
Jim Marshall’s Bad Votes Come Back to Haunt Him…again

(Warner Robins, GA) – On June 20th, Jim Marshall followed up his public declaration to fund and legitimize the Hamas terrorist organization with a vote to cut funding for a Terrorist Surveillance Program used by the National Security Agency (NSA). This is the very program that successfully helped thwart this week’s terrorist plot to blow-up United States passenger planes flying from Great Britain. (RCV#295, 06/20/06)

Time Magazine is now reporting that “American official says U.S. intelligence provided London authorities with intercepts of the group's communications.”

The foiling of this terrorist plot was a direct result of information derived from the NSA program that Jim Marshall had voted to cut. Thankfully, the lives of hundreds of innocent people were spared because of Republican members of Congress who, unlike Jim Marshall, voted to retain funding for this critical NSA program.

Last night while speaking to the Young Farmers Association of Houston County, former Congressman Mac Collins addressed the subject of the terrorist surveillance program that Jim Marshall voted against funding.

Collins said, “Some people say that the terrorist surveillance program is an infringement on our privacy rights. It is an infringement on our rights not to monitor terrorists who are trying to bring down this country. Incredibly, Jim Marshall voted against funding the very program that this week saved our country from a massive, 9-11 scale tragedy.”

“You cannot support the War on Terror and vote to cut funding for terrorist surveillance programs that have saved the lives of many Americans. Jim Marshall’s repeated votes in support of Hamas and against funding the surveillance of terrorists is not in the best interest of our national security”, said Bill Hagan, a spokesman for Congressman Mac Collins (Ret. R-GA).

Friends of Jim Marshall

Friends of Jim Marshall: Nancy Pelosi

(Warner Robins, GA)—Now that Macon Democrat Jim Marshall is facing the fight of his political life, he is trying to distance himself from his long term relationship with House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi. Jim Marshall claims to have differences with Pelosi on several issues, including the direction of the Democratic Party, but that hasn’t stopped their mutual collaboration. For example:

Jim Marshall has repeatedly refused to deny that he will, once again, vote for Nancy Pelosi for Speaker of the House. Even though,

Jim Marshall and Nancy Pelosi:

Support Food Stamps for Illegal aliens

Support printing election ballots in Spanish

Oppose drilling for oil in the ANWR

Oppose tax and regulatory incentives for new oil refineries

Oppose full repeal of the Death Tax

Oppose funding for the terrorist surveillance program that thwarted airline bombings

The Marshall/Pelosi Record:

1)Marshall has twice voted for Nancy Pelosi for Speaker of the House

2)Marshall, in his two short terms in congress, has taken $39,000.00 dollars from Nancy Pelosi and her PACs

3)Marshall and Pelosi share the same values
In 2003, Marshall voted with Pelosi 73% of the time
In 2004, Marshall voted with Pelosi 69% of the time
In 2005, Marshall voted with Pelosi 67% of the time
In 2006, Marshall voted with Pelosi 79% of the time
(Source: Congressional Quarterly Voting Studies)

Contributions by Nancy Pelosi to Jim Marshall:

Contributions from Nancy Pelosi’s “Pac to the Future” to Jim Marshall:





Grand Total: $39,000.00