Sunday, March 26, 2006

Georgia’s top Republicans endorse Mac

Georgia’s top Republicans endorse Mac Collins

(Macon, GA) – During Macon’s Cherry Blossom Festival Georgia’s three most powerful statesmen came together to jointly endorse former Congressman Mac Collins in his race against Democrat Jim Marshall in Georgia’s new 8th Congressional District. Governor Sonny Perdue, Senator Saxby Chambliss, and Senator Johnny Isakson were all on hand to throw their support behind Congressman Collins during a fundraiser held in the city of Macon. The 21 counties that make up this new, powerful district are Baldwin, Ben Hill, Bibb, Bleckley, Butts, Colquitt, Dodge, Houston, Irwin, Jasper, Jones, Laurens, Monroe, Newton, Pulaski, Tift, Turner, Twiggs, Wilcox, Wilkinson, and Worth.

In addressing his supporters Mac Collins stated: “This will be a difficult battle, but we are going to win. The people in this room are the folks who will help me win this race. I have been elected to the Congress of the United States six times by grassroots supporters just like you. People who have provided for their families, participated in their community, contributed to their church, paid their taxes and played by the rules. When I return, I return to the House with my twelve years of seniority as a member of the majority party. The difference between my opponent and me is how valuable this seniority will be to the people of Georgia and to our district.

I want to return to Washington because I have track record of being conservative and constituent orientated, and these are the values that we need to bring home. This hands-on approach is what the people of Georgia need most. Good, honest representation committed to the needs of small business, the worker, the farmer and family. When you look at the Nation Journal’s rating, with ‘0’ being the most liberal to ‘100’ being most conservative, you’ll see that in 2003 I scored an 88 and in 2004 I scored a 97; Jim Marshall had a 43 in 2003, a 47 in 2004, and a 49 last year. This is not conservative; this is not representative of the people of this district.”

Senator Saxby Chambliss then endorsed Mac Collins before a crowd of well-wishers and supporters before saying, “This is a wonderful district, this is a district that George Bush won, that I won, that Johnny [Isakson] won, and Mac is working very hard to make sure he wins it. We need you all out there everyday to help Mac Collins. We need you out there making sure that all your friends get out and vote. A good turnout this fall is going to be critical to Mac winning this race.”

Following Senator Chambliss’ endorsement of Mac Collins, Senator Johnny Isakson endorsed Collins for the second time in a month and then said, “I am delighted to be here tonight. First of all to thank you for offering your support for Mac Collins, he is a great individual. I’ve watched him on Ways and Means, I’ve watched him on fiscal policy, I’ve watched him on national defense; he is a rock solid conservative, as good as you could ever have, and Georgia needs him. Just do everything you can do to send Mac back to Congress. He is a friend of mine, and he and Julie deserve to be back in Washington. Just do for him what you have done for Saxby and me, and we’ll have him there as our friend and our colleague.”

Governor Sonny Perdue then completed the round of high powered endorsements by calling on the people of Georgia to send Mac Collins back to Congress. The Governor stated: “The relationship between the state and our members of Congress is critical. We have a great relationship with our two Senators and our members of Congress. We need to add to them. We need members of Congress that we can have great relationships with. That is what this is really all about, it is about having someone up there that we can have trust and confidence in, where we can pick up the phone and say ‘Mac we need your help’. That’s why we’re here to help return Mac to his rightful place in the United States Congress.”