Thursday, April 20, 2006

Congressman Collins Out Raises Opponent… AGAIN!

Fundraising totals show Collins with momentum in GA 8th district race.

Warner Robins, GA – Congressman Mac Collins (Ret. R-GA), has once again out raised Democrat Jim Marshall for a second consecutive quarter in what political analysts are calling the most watched and competitive congressional race in the nation.

Congressman Collins raised $259,544.60 in campaign funds compared to his Democratic challenger Rep. Jim Marshall who raised 21% less than Collins with $201,829.91.

“It is humbling and exciting to get support from so many people that want effective representation in Washington. This campaign is about the people of the 8th district and we will keep talking about the issues that affect them”, Congressman Collins said on Saturday.

The majority of Collins Campaign funds for the quarter came from grassroots individuals compared to Marshall who relied on PAC money for almost 50% of his fundraising. Mac Collins raised $207,403.60; while, Marshall’s campaign was only able to raise $107,060 from private individuals. Contributions from private individuals may be the most important aspect the first quarter reports of 2006 as they are the first true indicator of candidate support in the new Georgia 8th Congressional District which traditionally votes in support of GOP candidates.

“This report along with our strong grassroots support shows that we have the momentum in this race. Residents of the 8th district are showing that they want a strong, experienced leader to represent them in Washington. They are also showing that what they don’t want is a liberal democrat who answers to Nancy Pelosi”, said Collins Campaign Spokesman Ted Prill.