Thursday, April 13, 2006

Rep. Jim Marshall votes in lockstep with liberals on the Death Tax

(Warner Robins, GA) Congressman Mac Collins (Ret. R-GA) has reiterated his call for the permanent repeal of the Death Tax. Collins voted for the repeal of this oppressive tax multiple times during his 12 years as a member of the United States House of Representatives. Collins opponent Democrat Jim Marshall, who has voted three times against repealing the Death Tax, has demonstrated his true partisan nature by voting with the Democrats in Congress rather then the people he represents. Marshall voted in lockstep with his party leader Nancy Pelosi on this important issue that affects millions of Georgians.

Peter Ferrara wrote in an OP-ED published in the New York Post: “The federal ‘death tax’ is the most hated and unfair tax of all. When Mom or Dad dies after a life of hard work, and the family is the most vulnerable, Washington government swoops in and taxes their lifetime savings yet again.

The death tax is unfair because the government has already taxed all savings when it was first earned as income, and then has taxed the return to that savings all of the worker's life. Taxing lifetime savings again at death is just a harsh double, or even triple, tax.

Moreover, the tax often means that the family business or farm has to be sold at death to pay the tax bill, and cannot be passed on to children or other family members. Indeed, the death tax is the leading factor in destruction of the family farm, and the top cause of losing farm land to development.

Reducing this extra layer of taxation would increase savings, investment, jobs, wages and overall economic growth.”[i]

In voting to preserve the Estate Tax, popularly known as the Death Tax, Marshall has demonstrated his distain for small business owners and farmers throughout Georgia. According to the Georgia Public Policy Foundation, “Farmers spend a lifetime re-investing their money into the land and unknowingly force their family to pay the estate tax. As a result, this tax is causing families to sell their farms to developers, sometimes prematurely, denying future generations the opportunity to farm the land. Thus, the federal estate tax is ending family legacies, and eliminating open space throughout our country.”[ii]

Congressman Mac Collins (Ret. R-GA), who is challenging Marshall in Georgia’s new 8th Congressional District, will fight for the complete repeal of the Death Tax upon his return to Congress. As a Member of Congress, Collins voted with the people of Georgia to repeal this unjust form of double taxation. The time has come to stop taxing the dead.