Monday, July 03, 2006

Marshall supports voting in Spanish

A Spanish language ballot from Texas

Jim Marshall votes to use your taxpayer dollars for Spanish Ballots

(Warner Robins, GA) For a person to become a naturalized American Citizen they are required to speak, understand and write Basic English according to American Red Cross Citizenship Project. Congressman Jim Marshall does not seem to understand that fact and has voted to spend our taxpayer funds to spend taxpayer money on bilingual ballots (Roll Call Vote 340, 06/28/2006). Mr. Marshall must therefore be asked why we need to spend our family’s hard earned money when American citizens are required to understand English to vote.

“After this vote and his previous vote to give illegal immigrants food stamps, I wonder if representative Marshall remembers he represents Middle Georgia and not Mexico.” said Bill Hagan, a spokesman for Congressman Mac Collins (Ret. R-GA)