Sunday, July 09, 2006

Marshall’s Bad Votes Come Back to Haunt Him

Terrorist Assem Hammoud who was arrested as a result of an NSA program Jim Marshall voted to kill

(Warner Robins, GA) – On May 23rd, Democratic Congressman Jim Marshall voted against the Palestinian Anti-Terrorism Act which sanctioned the terrorist group Hamas and prevented American tax dollars from being sent to Palestine’s Hamas government in the form of foreign aid. (House Roll Call Vote #181, 05/23/2006) Only Usama bin Laden’s al Qaeda has been responsible for more terrorist murders of American citizens than Hamas, who now controls the de-facto government of the Palestinian Authority. On June 17th, Jim Marshall reaffirmed his support for Palestine’s Hamas government by writing an editorial in the Macon Telegraph declaring that he believed that the United States should negotiate with this terrorist regime that has been responsible for the murder of hundreds of innocent people. (The Macon Telegraph, Page 6A, 06/17/2006, Perspective)

On June 20th, Jim Marshall followed up his public declaration to fund and legitimize Hamas with a vote to cut funding for a key program used by the National Security Agency (NSA) to track the communications of terrorists world wide. (RCV#295, 06/20/06) On July 7th, the anniversary of the deadly terrorist attacks on London’s Underground, the FBI announced the international arrests of al Qaeda terrorists who where planning to blow up the Holland Tunnel in New York City and flood the city’s financial district. The foiling of this al Qaeda plot by the FBI was a direct result of information derived from the NSA program that Jim Marshall voted to cut. Thankfully, the lives of hundreds of innocent people were saved by Republican members of Congress who, unlike Jim Marshall, voted to retain funding for this successful NSA program that monitors the communications of terrorists.

“You cannot support the War on Terror and vote to cut funding for surveillance programs which have saved the lives of many Americans. Jim Marshall’s repeated votes in support of Hamas and against funding surveillance of terrorists is not in the best interest of our national security”, said Bill Hagan, a spokesman for Congressman Mac Collins (Ret. R-GA).