Friday, August 11, 2006

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Jim Marshall voted against Terrorist Surveillance program that thwarted airline bombings
Jim Marshall’s Bad Votes Come Back to Haunt Him…again

(Warner Robins, GA) – On June 20th, Jim Marshall followed up his public declaration to fund and legitimize the Hamas terrorist organization with a vote to cut funding for a Terrorist Surveillance Program used by the National Security Agency (NSA). This is the very program that successfully helped thwart this week’s terrorist plot to blow-up United States passenger planes flying from Great Britain. (RCV#295, 06/20/06)

Time Magazine is now reporting that “American official says U.S. intelligence provided London authorities with intercepts of the group's communications.”

The foiling of this terrorist plot was a direct result of information derived from the NSA program that Jim Marshall had voted to cut. Thankfully, the lives of hundreds of innocent people were spared because of Republican members of Congress who, unlike Jim Marshall, voted to retain funding for this critical NSA program.

Last night while speaking to the Young Farmers Association of Houston County, former Congressman Mac Collins addressed the subject of the terrorist surveillance program that Jim Marshall voted against funding.

Collins said, “Some people say that the terrorist surveillance program is an infringement on our privacy rights. It is an infringement on our rights not to monitor terrorists who are trying to bring down this country. Incredibly, Jim Marshall voted against funding the very program that this week saved our country from a massive, 9-11 scale tragedy.”

“You cannot support the War on Terror and vote to cut funding for terrorist surveillance programs that have saved the lives of many Americans. Jim Marshall’s repeated votes in support of Hamas and against funding the surveillance of terrorists is not in the best interest of our national security”, said Bill Hagan, a spokesman for Congressman Mac Collins (Ret. R-GA).