Thursday, August 10, 2006

Congressman Mac Collins addresses Georgia Peanut Commission

Congressman Mac Collins addresses Georgia Peanut Commission

(Tifton, GA)- Today, former Congressman Mac Collins (R-GA) met with the directors of the Georgia Peanut Commission. Congressman Collins spoke on the issues of immigration, agriculture, bio-energy, and the effects of world trade on farming in Georgia.

“No one that is in this county illegally should ever be put on the path to citizenship”, said Congressman Collins, “Illegal aliens are not entitled to benefits from the United States treasury and no child born in this country, to people here illegally, should be given citizenship. I support the legislation proposed by Congressman Nathan Deal to eliminate the concept of ‘anchor babies’.” Congressman Collins’ opponent, Macon Democrat Jim Marshall, has supported legislation that allows illegal immigrants to receive food stamps.

Congressman Collins also addressed the subject of how Georgia’s agricultural community can stay competitive in an ever growing world market. The congressman stressed the need for the United States to take advantage of the bio-fuel market in the United States to both secure future prosperity for farmers and lessen our dependence on Middle Eastern oil.

“I would rather see Georgia’s farmers enriched by our fuel consumption than Arab oil sheiks. The development of bio-fuels, drilling in places such as the ANWR, and the building of new oil refineries are essential to our national security”, said Congressman Collins. Congressman Collins Democratic opponent has voted five times in three years against drilling in the artic wasteland of the ANWR. Jim Marshall has also opposed legislation designed to streamline the building of new refineries in the United States.

Congressman Collins also spoke on negative effects of the Death Tax on Georgia’s farmers and small business owners. Congressman Collins supports ending this form of double taxation and has voted for a complete repeal of the Death Tax.