Friday, August 04, 2006

Cynthia McKinney has more Legislative Influence than Jim Marshall

Jim Marshall ranks below McKinney in Legislation

According to the news service:

“A review of rankings shows that in the category of Legislation, McKinney ranks 285 out of 437 representatives. Rep. John Barrow (D-12) ranks 332 in the Legislation category, Rep. John Lewis (D-5) ranks 350, Rep. Jim Marshall (D-3) ranks 386, Rep. David Scott (D-13) ranks 419…”

“ gave McKinney an overall ranking of 408 out of 438 legislators, with the overall ranking based on position, influence and legislative activity. In the overall category, McKinney ranked fifth out of the six Georgia Democratic representatives. Rep. Bishop received an overall ranking of 247, Rep. Lewis 287, Rep. Scott 364, Rep. Marshall 407 and Rep. Barrow 430.”


Also from The Macon Telegraph

Facts speak loud, clear

I found the comments of Doug Moore, U.S. Rep. Jim Marshall's spokesman, in the July 28 edition of The Telegraph to lack complete credibility. Mr. Moore stated that Marshall has not said he would vote for Nancy Pelosi to be the next speaker of the house. But, he doesn't have to say it. He's already done it twice, once in 2003 and again in 2005.

Moore stated that, prior to Marshall voting for speaker, he would have a meeting about certain issues, such as the Second Amendment. If Moore statements are true, then I can only wonder why it has taken Marshall four years to figure out he needs a meeting to determine if he will vote for Pelosi for speaker.

Was Jim Marshall unaware the first two times he voted for her, that Ms. Pelosi does not represent the interests or values of Middle Georgia? Or, is it now just politically convenient for Marshall to distance himself from supporting Nancy Pelosi?

I am personally troubled that Jim Marshall continues to vote for Nancy Pelosi to lead the House. However, we should all be concerned that we have a representative that can not stand behind his record. Marshall and his staff can say whatever they want, but the facts speak loud and clear.

Lee H. Hall

Bibb County Republican Party