Tuesday, August 22, 2006

John Douglas on Peach Pundit

Senator John Douglas speaks out on Peach Pundit about the race between Mac Collins and Jim Marshall

Actually, Jim Marshall is not the primary issue. The main concern is whether veterans and active military in the 8th district want Nancy Pelosi and John Murtha having veto authority over defense appropriations bills. While Marshall claims to be a “good ole boy” conservative at home, he almost certainly would vote for Pelosi for Speaker of the House and likely Murtha for Majority Leader.

Reviewing the record, both potential leaders have proven time and again their disdain for the military and veterans. Neither can be trusted with the defense of our country. Pelosi comes from the rock solid anti Military area of San Francisco and Murtha has fallen off the left side of the spectrum recently in his rush to convict Marines of murder, Marines who havent even been charged with a crime.

Now, with the prospect of those two leading the US House, Veterans and active military everywhere better step up to the plate and demand with their votes that we do better. And the way we do better is by ensuring that the House remains in Republican hands.

The national democrats declared war on our military in 1968 and have not let up since. The attempt to disenfrancise military voters in Florida in 2000 is a prime example. President Clinton visited the Pentagon once during his 8 years in office, to attend his farewell ceremony 3 days before he left office. (He was in more of a rush to visit North Vietnam than his own Department of Defense). Imagine Howard Dean offering advice on military matters to Speaker Pelosi ???

Meanwhile, high tech, high paid jobs in Georgia are threatened by Marshall’s inaction. Its time we have a Congressman in Washington (”we” because I too live in the new 8th) who we can depend on to keep good jobs in Georgia while ensuring our defenses are not lacking during the world war on Islamic Facists.

Mac Collins will not make the rookie mistakes Marshall is making and I look forward to his return to DC.


What others said:

jsm said,

August 22, 2006 @ 8:59 am

Mac Collins CAN run on a platform of tax cuts, fiscal discipline, and no nonsense conservative leadership. He has the record to back it up.

Although Marshall has been on the more conservative side of the Democratic Party, his record doesn’t hold a candle to Mac’s, when it comes to the core values of the people in the district.

Go Mac!

UGA Wins 2005 said,
August 22, 2006 @
9:33 pm

You libs may be frothing at the mouth to get Pelosi as Speaker, but only if you want a hard core, left coast liberal at the helm in the House.

Imagine those members of the House Atlantaman mentioned actually chairing committees of importance???? If you think who sits in the Speaker’s chair or which party controls the House isnt important or something most voters care about, think again. And Jim Marshall being a member of that party means that his vote would be with them. Therefore, I agree that he has to go.

Collins ‘06!

Follow the link above to read the full debate including the Democrats attempt to defend Mr. Marshall.