Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Mac Collins on Energy

Mac Collins salutes the efforts of the Georgia Alternative Energy Cooperative

(Tifton, GA) – On Monday, following campaign stops in Irwin and Ben Hill Counties, former Congressman Mac Collins traveled to Tifton for an organizational meeting of the Georgia Alternative Energy Cooperative. The cooperative is a consortium of Georgia farmers dedicated to leading the way in the development and production of this nation’s agricultural energy resources. The cooperative’s board members presented a far-sighted and comprehensive feasibility summary for establishing an ethanol production facility in Georgia’s new 8th Congressional District.

The proposed business cooperative plans to build a 40 million gallon a year Ethanol refinery near Tifton. The group is seeking $33 million dollars in investment dollars from the local community to build the facility, with the goal of keeping ownership in the hands of the local agricultural and financial communities. Congressman Collins is one of the nations leading advocates of American energy independence and a vocal supporter of including provisions regarding bio-fuels in the 2007 Farm Bill.

“This cooperative is a perfect example of what will lead American’s away from their dependence on Middle Eastern oil. The American people should not be purchasing fuel from fundamentalist Islamic regimes who repeatedly call for the destruction of America and the death of Israel. We are, in effect, financing our own demise. The time has come for the American people to invest in projects such as the Georgia Alternative Energy Cooperative which will help lead us towards the achievable goal of energy independence. Upon my return to Congress, one of my primary objectives will be the inclusion of agricultural energy programs in the 2007 Farm Bill. Our energy dollars have been enriching Middle Eastern oil Sheiks for decades. That money will now be going into the American Agriculture market”, said Congressman Collins after the meeting in Tifton.