Monday, August 21, 2006

Saving the C-17

Saving the C-17

During Congressman Mac Collins’ 12 years in the House of Representatives he worked hand-in-hand with the Appropriations Committee to save many defense projects that were important to Georgia. The latest threat to discontinue production of the C-17 cargo jet, costing hundreds of jobs in Macon, is yet another reason why the 8th district needs a representative with seniority and know-how.

“I worked successfully with Saxby Chambliss, Johnny Isakson and Defense Appropriations Chairman Jerry Lewis when the Pentagon threatened to stop building the C-130.Then, when there was a threat to the production of the F-22, we worked hard to make sure that production continued. Being a member of congress is about knowing how to get things done for the people you represent. I’ve been there and done that.”

Mac Collins experience has been invaluable to Georgia’s defense industry in the past and he is paramount to the continued success of the defense industry in the 8th district. Collins was one of the members of congress who worked with appropriators and Boeing in the early stages of the C-17 program to solve a wing flaw that potentially would have shelved the entire project.

“I can not stress enough the importance of the choice voters have in this election,” said Congressman Jack Kingston. “Mac Collins is the best qualified candidate to replace me as the Congressman for Robins Air Force Base. For Robins to be properly represented and for jobs at both the base and Boeing to be preserved it will take an influential member of the Republican Party. Not a junior member of the minority party.” Congressman Kingston is a member of the defense appropriations committee.

Kingston added, “The question of preserving Boeing jobs in Macon and the C-17 program will require a Congressman with friends and influence within the Appropriations Committee. Mac has the influence to change the course of this ship. If the people of Georgia’s new 8th Congressional District want to ensure the continued prosperity of Robins Air Force Base and programs such as the C-17, I highly recommend that they choose Mac Collins as their next Congressman.”