Sunday, August 27, 2006

What he didn't say...

What he didn't say. . .

I found the recent letter from Doug Silvia, "Beyond dirty campaigning," interesting for what it did not say about the 8th District Congressional race between Mac Collins and Rep. Jim Marshall. He speaks about Marshall's support for the war on terror and support for veterans - both commendable, but fully expected of anyone wishing to represent the values of Middle Georgians.

What he did not mention are some of the other issues that Marshall supported through his votes in Congress. Marshall apparently believes that English is not the language of this nation by his vote to print election ballots in Spanish. He believes we do not have an energy problem in this country by voting against drilling for oil in ANWR and opposing new oil refineries.

He believes that hard working Americans should not have the right to pass on to their children the fruits of a lifetime of work by voting against repeal of the Death Tax. And most offensive, he voted against funding the terrorist surveillance program that has proven to be one of the most effective tools in the arsenal against terrorism.

Sylvia, who says he is a Republican, should not lose sight of the fact that Marshall voted with Nancy Pelosi 79 percent of the time last year and will vote to make her Speaker of the House should he return to the Congress. That reality would place Pelosi, an ultra liberal San Francisco Democrat, third in line to the presidency.

Judy Goddard


Houston County Republican Party
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