Saturday, August 05, 2006

You don't speak for Georgia!!!

Top five reasons Jim Marshall does not speak for us on Taxes

1. In 2003, Jim Marshall voted for Nancy Pelosi for Speaker of the House. (House Roll Call Vote #2, 01/07/2003)

2. In 2005, Jim Marshall voted for Nancy Pelosi for Speaker of the House. (House Roll Call Vote #2, 01/04/2005)

3. Rep. Marshall voted against President Bush’s second tax cut package. (House Roll Call Vote 182, 5/9/03) Marshall first voted against a $550 billion package, which included capital gains and dividend relief, retroactive acceleration of marginal income tax rate cuts, and an increase in the child tax credit to $1,000 through 2005. In the end, Marshall flip-flopped and supported the final measure, a $350 billion package consisting of tax cuts and state aid over eleven years. (House Roll Call Vote# 225, 5/23/03) Marshall decided to be a follower instead of a leader. Costing the American taxpayer $200 billion dollars rather than allowing hard working families to control their own money.

4. Marshall voted against the creation of two tax-free medical savings accounts to cover health care expenses, including prescription drugs. (House Roll Call Vote 328, 6/26/03) Individuals would have been able to contribute up to $2,000 a year, and families could contribute up to $4,000 a year. This vote leaves us ever more dependant on Government-dispensed health care.

5. Jim Marshall has voted multiple times against the complete repeal of the Death Tax. (House Roll Call Votes# 101, 4/13/05; 102, 4/13/05; 288, 6/18/03) The National Federation of Independent Businesses estimates that one-third of small business owners will have to sell all or part of their firm to pay death taxes (NFIB). It is inherently wrong that individuals are forced to sell their life's work to pay off their government. Preserving the family business or farm to pass on as your legacy is an unalienable right. Preserving that right is something the government should promote, not discourage.